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News & Legislation Briefs March 5, 2012


Dear SAOVA Friends,


Already the 2012 election is on everyone's mind as primaries take place
across the country.  There are many serious issues weighing heavily on
voters today but that does not mean a candidate's position on animal rights
is not important.  Legislation promoted by animal rights groups impacts not
only our passions for hunting, owning, and breeding animals but the cost and
ability to house and care for all animals, livestock and food sources


Your vote counts on these issues and is vital for electing local leaders and
members of congress who will protect our hobbies and livelihoods.


This will be a busy year with elections and SAOVA volunteers are needed. If
you would like to help, email saova at earthlink.net or cubhill at earthlink.net


As always, we encourage cross posting of these messages and thanks for


Susan Wolf

Sportsmen's & Animal Owners' Voting Alliance

Working to Identify and Elect Supportive Legislators





In a startling update to the controversial 2011 UEP-HSUS "egg deal" and the
introduction January 2012 of HR 3798 by Dr. Kurt Schrader of Oregon, AVMA
has announced its support of the landmark legislation.


HR 3798 is widely opposed by livestock groups, the American Farm Bureau, Egg
Farmers of America, National Turkey Federation, and others.


National Pork Producers Council President Doug Wolf, a Wisconsin hog
producer from Lancaster stated, "We don't need or want the federal
government and HSUS telling us how to do our jobs.  This one-size-fits-all
farm takeover bill is government intrusion on family farms at its worst and
is unnecessary," Wolf continues. "If enacted, it would open Pandora's Box
for special interest groups to pursue similar federal laws on pig farmers,
dairy farmers and other family farming operations."


The National Cattlemen's Beef Association President Bill Donald also sees
this as a "dangerous" precedent for allowing the federal government to
dictate farm practices. He says this push disregards decades of work the
cattle industry has undertaken to develop science-based, voluntary animal
care programs.


A coalition of agricultural and nutrition organizations calling itself Keep
Food Affordable (KFA) contends consumers can expect to pay more for food at
the grocery store and restaurants if HR 3798 passes. KFA claims the proposed
legislation fosters "the same concept as European government mandates that
have already hurt consumers there by cutting egg production and driving up
costs," without any sign of higher food quality, improved animal welfare or
other social benefits in the European Union. KFA maintains the "real
outcome" of a federal mandate for laying hen cages will "harm American
consumers..." who "deserve affordable, high-quality food..." For more
information, visit www.keepfoodaffordable.com
<http://www.keepfoodaffordable.com/> .


HR 3798 mandates increased cage sizes, labeling requirements for eggs, and
new air-quality standards for hen houses.


According to this month's article in JAVMA News, in addition to AVMA the
bill is supported by the American Association of Avian Pathologists, a small
number of state agriculture and egg producer groups, and the American
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).


Despite "significant concerns" about federal oversight for animal housing
and management on the farm, the AVMA is backing HR 3798 because available
science suggests the proposed standards are likely to improve the lives of
egg-laying hens. The AVMA Executive Board voted in favor of supporting the
bill after extensive deliberation Feb. 10.  Full story at JAVMA



Many legislators on the current list of bill cosponsors are the "usual
suspects" who blindly follow HSUS down the path of excessive regulation.
However, a significant number of cosponsors were newly elected to Congress
in 2010. If your Congressman is among that freshman group, please work to
educate them that HSUS is not the mainstream organization they strive to
portray. Many of the newly elected Congressmen campaigned on a platform of
fiscal responsibility. At the very least, that position alone should prevent
them from blessing PUPS by adding their name to the cosponsor list.


The Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus (CSC) formally opposed PUPS in a
January message to members, yet over 50 CSC members are listed as
cosponsors, including several members of Congress newly elected in 2010.
CSC also opposed the identical PUPS bill in 2010.  Did CSC members miss
these memos?


The SAOVA Oppose PUPS Campaign pages have once again been updated.  There is
a short flyer to download and use for talking points.  Also added is a Q&A
which refutes the animal rights selling points for this onerous bill.


A sampling of legislators has been selected for a special campaign to
request they WITHDRAW their support from PUPS. Included are legislators
previously endorsed by SAOVA who have strayed. Others profess to be
conservatives yet added their names to this expensive, invasive animal
rights bill. Some are Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus members.  Visit the
SAOVA campaign page, click and email these legislators and ask them to STOP
supporting the PUPS bill. http://www.saova.org/PUPS.Campaign.html 




Representative Steve Farley (D-Tucson) introduced an Animal Abuser Registry
this session.  The bill may be stalled in Military and Public Affairs
Committee which has prompted Farley to try advancing it by amending another
bill since the legislative session will end in April.  Arizona citizens
should be on the alert for any bills amended with this registry legislation.
The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), a radical animal rights group that
advocates changing the legal status for animals, has offered to pay $10,000
toward the setup fee of the registry.  The ALDF registry campaign has failed
in all 21 states where it has been introduced - failed 6 times in Rhode
Island, 3 times in Tennessee, 2 times in Colorado, 2 times in New Jersey.
Please send opposition to the registry to Rep. Steve Farley
sfarley at azleg.gov  <mailto:sfarley at azleg.gov> 




Controversy led by animal rights groups erupted when Fish & Game Commission
President, Dan Richards, released a photo with a mountain lion that he
successfully hunted while in Idaho where this is absolutely legal. Years
ago, HSUS successfully led a ballot initiative in California to ban mountain
lion hunting and now activists want to punish Richards for his out-of-state
hunting activities.


The California Outdoor Heritage Alliance writes, "COHA believes that Fish
and Game Commission (Commission) President Dan Richards should serve the
remainder of his appointed term even in light of the recent public outcry.
Mr. Richard's legal hunting activities, while in Idaho, have no bearing on
the execution of his duties in the protection of California's wildlife. The
California Fish and Game Commission is tasked with the oversight of
regulations which govern the hunting of game species in our state. We
believe it is important that Commissioners who serve on this important body
have a thorough understanding of the critical role of hunting in
science-based wildlife management and the conservation of the wildlife in
our state."


NRA issued an alert stating, "This unfair attack is underway because these
radicals believe they can replace him with a more anti- hunting
commissioner, thereby closing off more hunting and fishing opportunities


Assemblyman Ben Hueso has now drafted legislation to fire Richards 10 months
before his appointed term expires.  This cannot be allowed to happen.


Responsible hunters and sportsmen of California are urged to support Dan
Richards now by contacting: 

Governor Jerry Brown http://govnews.ca.gov/gov39mail/mail.php 

Assemblyman Ben Hueso http://tinyurl.com/7o2s74q

California Fish and Game Commission fgc at fgc.ca.gov 


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