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Senator Robert Adley Named Louisiana Legislative Leader 2010 

The Sportsmen's & Animal Owners' Voting Alliance, a nationwide nonpartisan
organization of animal owners and sportsmen, today named Senator Robert
Adley "Legislative Leader 2010."  Adley, a Republican representing District
36, serves as Chair of Joint Capital Outlay Committee, Vice Chair of Revenue
and Fiscal Affairs, and member of Judiciary C Committee.
Susan Wolf, President of SAOVA, indicated that Adley's commitment to
continue working with animal owners and sportsmen will safeguard our
sporting heritage and assure protection of our property rights.
Doris Hutson of the Cajun Country Dog Club and the Endangered Breeds
Association presented the award on SAOVA's behalf. Senator Adley thanked
SAOVA for recognizing him as a Legislative Leader of 2010.  

Senator Robert Adley was essential in saving a H.B. in the 2010 Louisiana
Legislature that would restrict the time limit a dog can be placed on a
tether.  The original H.B. 219 gave stipulations that a dog could not be
tethered for more than 3 hours per day, and must be attended during those
times.  When the bill was finally passed it read that "no animal could be
inhumanely tethered ."


Because Senator Adley's district is mostly rural with many wildlife
management areas, he realized the bill as originally proposed would hurt the
hunters and dog owners in his district.


 "Tethering is not cruel as long as there is proper shelter, food, and room
for the dog to move that would not cause harm."


Senator Adley currently owns a chocolate lab, a German short-haired pointer,
and a rescued mixed breed.  While traveling home with his dogs, a stop in
Point Barre added another addition to his family when a cat jumped into his
car.  He has owned numerous deer hounds for hunting deer and coon through
the years.


"Our animals are a blessing from God."


SAOVA is a nonpartisan volunteer group working to protect U.S. citizens from
the legislative and political threats of radical animal rightists. SAOVA's
members hunt, fish and own livestock, dogs, cats and other pets. Visit our
website at http://saova.org to review this program's goals and methodology.


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