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Dear SAOVA friends,

HB 1451 Commercial Dog & Cat Breeder Act has been scheduled for a hearing at
8:00 AM Tuesday, March 15 by the Licensing & Administrative Committee in
Room E2-012 in the Capitol Building.


HSUS-Funded Representative Senfronia Thompson (D, 141) filed HB 1451, a bill
to regulate Texas dog and cat breeders. HB 1451 is supported by a coalition
of animal rights groups including HSUS, PETA, ASPCA, and Texas Humane
Legislation Network (THLN). "Commercial breeder" is defined as a person who
possesses 11 or more intact female dogs or cats over 6 months of age.
Ownership is capped at 50 intact animals without approval by the state,
additional facility requirements and additional fees. Criminal background
checks for both kennel owners and staff would be required for kennel license
approval. A kennel license can be denied, suspended, or revoked for any
infraction of the regulations or record-keeping rules or failure to complete
a corrective action in the time allotted in an inspection report. Breeding
females must have adequate rest between breeding cycles and a yearly
veterinary exam. HB 1451 is only an outline of intended future regulations.
The Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation would be required to adopt
the rules, standards, procedures, and fees necessary to implement the Act by
March 31, 2012. Future rules and regulations established must meet or exceed
current federal regulations for the handling, care, treatment, and
transportation of dogs and cats.




* Increasingly animal rights activists have broadened the term "puppy mill"
until anyone who breeds a dog is fair game for attack. Even someone who only
breeds an occasional litter is at risk of being labeled as a dreaded "puppy
mill" by activists who do not approve of breeding or procreation in the
first place. 

* January 2011 the Texas legislature unveiled a budget which cuts $31
billion in spending to close the state's massive budget deficit estimated to
be between $15 and $27 billion. Education, health and human services, and
the criminal justice department will be hard hit and thousands of government
jobs will be eliminated. It is unconscionable for lawmakers to even consider
trading scarce funds for human needs and services in order to implement a
costly kennel inspection program.


* Third party inspectors can include state agencies, animal control
personnel, and any local law enforcement official including firemen. The
wide variety of backgrounds, ability, experience, and resources for such a
diverse source of inspectors should be of concern to dog and cat breeders
who may be included in the proposed rules and regulations. 


* HB 1451 requires licensure and inspection of kennels and catteries for
simply owning intact dogs/cats even if breeding is occasional. Owners who
breed even one or two litters a year or those who breed dogs to be used as
working dogs, security dogs, herding dogs, livestock guardian dogs, service
dogs, as well as dogs and cats for family pets will be severely impacted by
the enormous cost of ordinance-compliant facilities. 


* Inspectors are not required to provide advance notice to a commercial
breeder before arriving at the facility.


* Requires each adult intact female animal be provided with adequate rest
between breeding cycles, but "adequate" is not defined. Frequency of
breeding is a decision that should be made by the owner in consultation with
the owner's veterinarian and not by legislative mandate.


More talking points along with contact information for committee members can
be found at the SAOVA website: http://www.saova.org/TexasHB1451.html 




Call the Committee Clerk, Jeff Madden (512) 463-0798, and ask to be
registered as Opposed to HB 1451. 


Call, fax, and email committee members. Use the email link on the SAOVA
webpage to contact all committee members at one time. 


Call your representative and oppose this bill.



Chairman Rep. Mike Hamilton
Phone: 512-463-0412
Fax: 512-463-1915
mike.hamilton at house.state.tx.us

Vice Chair Rep. Chente Quintanilla
Phone: 512-463-0613
Fax: 512-463-1237
chente.quintanilla at house.state.tx.us

Rep. Joe Driver
Phone: 512-463-0574
Fax: 512-463-1481
joe.driver at house.state.tx.us

Rep. Charlie Geren
Phone: 512-463-0610
Fax: 512-463-8310
charlie.geren at house.state.tx.us

Rep. Roland Gutierrez
Phone: 512-463-0452
Fax: 512-463-1447
roland.gutierrez at house.state.tx.us

Rep. Patricia Harless
Phone: 512-463-0496
Fax: 512-463-1507
patricia.harless at house.state.tx.us

Rep. John Kuempel
Phone: 512-463-0602
Fax: 512-480-0391
john.kuempel at house.state.tx.us

Rep. Jose Menendez
Phone: 512-463-0634
Fax: 512-463-7668
jose.menendez at house.state.tx.us

Rep. Senfronia Thompson
Phone: 512-463-0720
Fax: 512-463-6306
senfronia.thompson at house.state.tx.us




Susan Wolf
Sportsmen's & Animal Owners' Voting Alliance
Issue lobbying and working to identify and elect supportive legislators
Visit SAOVA News http://saovanews.blogspot.com



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