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Dear OWAA Member:


If Americans agree on anything about the recent election, it's likely a
dislike of the negative, misleading and often untrue accusations that
candidates of both parties hurled upon the airwaves and in publications.    


This destructive use of the media shows how important OWAA is.   


Many members communicate about outdoor topics that aren't political or
controversial, but increasingly we're called upon to share perspectives
about issues impacting natural resources and outdoor recreation.    


OWAA is right there helping, encouraging and teaching us how to get our
message across in an ethical and effective manner. In this era of misleading
communication, our organization's role has never been so important to
members and their audiences.


Since bitterness erupted within OWAA in 2004, OWAA's board, staff and many
members have worked hard to make OWAA a more effective professional
organization. The future is bright in all ways, and we look forward to
building services and membership and strengthening finances.


Yet we find ourselves in a temporary bind. OWAA's budget is presently tight,
and we still owe some money on our headquarters building. Each of us, the
undersigned, has made a financial contribution to OWAA this year. If you've
already contributed, we THANK YOU!  If you haven't, we encourage you to do


We'll use your tax-deductible contribution to make OWAA a more productive
group that will enhance the way our members communicate with their
audiences. We hope you'll help.







Jim Low                  Marty Malin                                 Rich
Patterson                   Spencer Turner

President                 Development Cte. Chair                Vice
President                   Board Chair



$ _____________ My voluntary contribution to the OWAA Operating Fund

$ _____________ My voluntary contribution to the OWAA Building Fund

$ _____________ My voluntary contribution to the Bodie McDowell Scholarship

$ _____________ My voluntary contribution to the John Madson Fellowship

$ _____________ Total amount enclosed



Make checks payable to OWAA, 

OR charge to ___Visa     ___MasterCard     ___AmEx     ___Discover


Name (please print) ________________________                          

Signature ________________________________                          

Card No. ________________________________   (please don't e-mail: please fax
or send U.S. mail)                        

Exp. Date _______________________________                            


OWAA Federal Employee Identification No. = 43-0794723


Mail to OWAA               

121 Hickory St., Ste. 1

Missoula, MT 59801

Fax to 406-728-7445


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